Headliners Results

Olivia Dugos
Petitie Miss Headliner
1st Place Overall Child Soloist
1st Place Overall Child (9&under) Routine Solos, Duets, Trios & Groups
Nominated for the U.S Dance Team

Bella Saccomano
Junior Miss Headliner
4th Place Overall Junior Soloist
“Total Package” Award

Big Time
1st Place Overall Child Duet/Trio
“Total Package” Award

1st Place Overall Senior Duet/Trio
“Emotional Execution with Technical Excellence” Award

Gigi Pediconi
4th Place Overall 7 & under Soloist

Sloane Luckiewicz
9th Place Overall Junior Soloist

Maddie Brown
5th Place Overall Teen Soloist

Hollie Brown
4th Place Overall Senior Soloist

Rachel Narasimhan
7th Place Overall Senior Soloist

Elite Golds – Hollie, Rachel, Maddie, Sloane, Bella, Olivia, Gigi, Big Time, Haunted

Golds – Jazmine, Bella, Rachel

High Silver – Bianca

I am so proud of you girls. Job well done! Congratulations on your tremendous growth as performers!

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