Ticket To Broadway Results


Ticket to Broadway Award (Most Entertaining)


5th Place Overall Solo
“I’m a Star” Berkley Olszewski

5th Place Overall Duet/Trio
“Peas in a Pod” Carly & Berkley

3rd Place Overall Small Group SHAKES!


1st Place Overall Group “Beautiful People”

– 1st Place Overall Solo
“My Parade” Olivia Dugos

3rd Place Overall Solo
“Let Yourself Go” Olivia Dugos

5th Place Overall Solo
“Dreamer” Faith Manski

Top Ten Soloists
Sloane Luckiewicz & Bella Saccomano

1st Place Overall Duet/Trio “Big Time” Olivia & Bella
3rd Place Overall Duet/Trio “Diamonds” Kennedy, Gianna, Sloane
4th Place Overall Duet/Trio “100 Billion Stars” Haley, Bella, Olivia


Teen Miss Broadway Collette Fratangelo

2nd Place Overall Solo “Not Afraid” Maddie Brown
2nd Place Overall Solo “Don’t Know Why” Collette Fratangelo
3rd Place Overall Solo “Fallin'” Jazmine Phillips-Acie

1st Place Overall Duet/Trio “Time After Time” Hollie & Maddie
4th Place Overall Duet/Trio “On and On” Alexa & Maddie
– 5th Place Overall Group “I Believe”


Miss Broadway
Hollie Brown

Ticket to Broadway (Most Entertaining)

1st Place Overall Solo “Your Song” Hollie Brown
2nd Place Overall Solo “Must Have Been Love” Hollie Brown
3rd Place Overall Solo “Arms” Rachel Narasimhan
– 1st Place Overall Duet/Trio “Haunted” Rachel & Hollie
2nd Place Overall Duet/Trio “Bridesmaids” Melanie & Hollie
– 1st Place Overall Senior Group “Heartless”

Circle of Stars
Hollie, Rachel, Collette, Jazmine, Maddie, Olivia, Faith, Sloane, Bella, Berkley

Platinum Winners
Hollie(1st in category), Rachel(1st in category), Collette(1st in category), Jazmine(1st in category), Maddie(1st in category), Olivia(1st in category), Faith(1st in category), Sloane(1st in category), Bella(1st in category), Beautiful People (1st in category), I Believe (1st in category), Heartless (1st in category), Big Time(1st in category), Haunted (1st in category), Bridesmaids(1st in category), Time After Time(1st in category)

High Gold Winners
Taylor (1st in category), Bianca (1st in category), Berkley, Carly (3rd in category), Haley (2nd in category), Gianna (1st in category), Sarah (3rd in category), Jaimi (4th in category), Rylan (1st in category), Brooke Aston, Shakes, Hernando’s Hideaway(1st in category), Good vs. Evil, Clap Hands(1at in category), Vogue, Guardian Angel (1st in category), Diamonds(1st in category), 100 Billion Stars(1st in category), Peas in a Pod (1st in category), Glam(1st in category), Crayola (1st in category), Hip to be Square(1st in category), On and On

Gold Winners
Gigi (1st in category), Juliana (1st in category), Gabrielle, Jordan, Bad Girls


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