2012 Recital

The 2012 Recital “The Beautiful People” was a huge success. My dancers are the best around and they not only impressed their teachers, but all of our special guests, as well.  I feel very fortunate to have such appreciative and kind families at Dance Expressions.  I always dreamed that my studio would give my students a place to feel loved and cared for or even to escape. I am so happy to know that it is that kind of place for my dancers & that their parents feel it too!  Thank you DEBE dance family for another amazing show!  I love my job…and all of you!

Dear Darlings, No one could believe how 3, 4 and 5 year olds could pull off such a flawless performance, including myself!  You are a very special group of dancers.  Miss Hollie was so lucky to have you in class and she will miss you so much next season.  I hope you will all continue to dance and continue to amaze your audience! The sky is the limit for each of you!

Dear Dolls, You are a great group of girls.  You have worked so hard all year to make sure that your routines were the best they could possibly be.  I would hear every week how much you practiced & let me tell you, it sure did pay off!!  You were naturals on that stage and I really enjoyed watching each of you shine!

Dear Divas, What a perfect name for you!!! You rocked that stage last night.  I was so thrilled to see you really enjoying yourselves out there!  I couldn’t have asked for better performances.  I know how much work you put into each routine this year.  I am so proud of each of you.  Keep dancing!!!

Dear Dynamites, You performed three very different styled routines perfectly.  It was so wonderful to see you dance and work together and love every minute of being on the stage. You are such beautiful young ladies and I feel blessed to have you dancing at DEBE!

To my boys – WOW!  You really lit the stage on fire last night!  You were awesome!!!!

To my team – You are all so individually talented, but to watch you perform all together as a team is a gift!  I enjoyed every performance beginning to end.  Thank you for a year of passion, dedication and pure joy!


Ms. Erica



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