2012 Nationals

Hype Nationals






Scholarship Winners:

Kennedy Trent

Hollie Brown

Maddie Brown

Diamonds – 1st Place Overall Junior Duet/Trio
Sloane Luckiewicz – 6th Place Overall Junior Soloist
Haunted – 5th Place Overall Senior Duet/Trio
Hollie – 6th Place Overall Senior Soloist
Guardian Angel – 10th Place Overall Teen Group

All Platinums & High Golds!!
Congratulations Rachel, Hollie, Melanie, Jazmine, Gabrielle, Avery, Alexa, Jordan, Maddie, Sloane, Kennedy, Shayne, Sarah & Juliana on a job well done!!! The opportunities were endless. Taking class with Tokyo, Mollee Gray, Erica Sobol, Lauren Garrett, Gina Starbuck, Kevin Aubin & more… What a special 3 days. Thank you for your love and support DEBE family!


ADA Title contestant Olivia Dugos placed 1st runner up to the 2012 Young Dancer of the Year National title. Way to go Liv!! We are all so proud of you…well-deserved!

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