Dance Intensives

The DEBE students and faculty would like to thank Peter & Cynthia for an amazing three days of Ballet and Pointe.  The dancers enjoyed every minute of it.  Both of you found and brought out the best in each and every one of them.  We are all so grateful you came to share all of your knowledge and passion for Ballet.  We hope to see you soon!

Another HUGE thank you to Mitchell, Kaelyn, EJ, Alex, Brittany, Melissa, Danielle & assistants for our first ever EXCEL Dance Convention held on-location at our new facility.  It was a week of inspiration and brilliance that will always be remembered.  We were blessed to have you in to our home and can’t wait to have you back!


Congratulations dancers on the education you received this summer and, as always, doing what you love!  You were all very professional, plus all of your hard work is paying off and forming you into well-rounded, versatile dancers!  It makes me very proud to hear that the DEBE dancers are a joy to work with.  All of our guests were very enthusiastic about our facility, our location, but, most important, our most special gifts – our dancers!  Thank you for attending our summer programs.



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