OnStage 2017

The results are in...

Abduction Maura & Kaylee Highest Scoring Advanced Teen Duet/Trio Diamond Award

Sunday Autumn & Lauren Highest Scoring Advanced Junior Duet/Trio Diamond Award

Tea Party Aubrey & Karrington Highest Scoring Advanced Petite Duet/Trio

Peas in a Pod Chloe & Brenna Highest Scoring Intermediate Petite Duet/Trio "Dynamic Duo" Judges Award Diamond Award

Maddie Brown Highest Scoring Advanced Senior Solo Diamond Award for both solos

Maura Jump Miss Onstage America Diamond Award

Avery Genicola Highest Scoring Advanced Teen Solo Teen Miss Onstage America "Fierce and Fabulous Feet"

Isabella Krimbel Highest Scoring Advanced Junior Solo Diamond Award

Rylan Breen Junior Miss Onstage America Diamond Award

Karrington Kohlman Highest Scoring Advanced Petite Solo Diamond Award

Aubrey Mitchell Petite Miss Onstage America

1st Runner Up

Sound of Silence [Teen Duet/Trio]
In My Head [Junior Duet/Trio]
Maura Jump [Senior Solo]
Maddie Brown [Senior Miss Onstage]
Juliana Crosby [Teen Solo & Teen Miss Onstage]
Rylan Breen [Junior Solo]
Isabella Krimbel [Junior Miss Onstage]
Aubrey Mitchell [Petite Solo]
Karrington Kohlman [Petite Miss Onstage]

2nd Runner Up

Catey Helm [Junior Solo & Junior Miss Onstage]

3rd Runner Up

Hide & Seek [Junior Duet/Trio]
Brooke Alexander [Teen Solo]
Kaylee McLaughlin [Junior Solo]
Autumn Mink [Junior Miss Onstage]

4th Runner Up

Autumn Mink [Junior Solo]
Kaylee McLaughlin [Junior Miss Onstage]

5th Runner Up

Adyn Brown [Junior Solo]

6th Runner Up

Abby Mitchell [Junior Solo]

7th Runner Up

Lauren Miller [Junior Solo]
AJ Jump [Teen Solo]

9th Runner Up

Ryah Sever [Junior Solo]

Autumn Mink "Captivating Performance" Judges Award

Ryah Sever "Power & Sass" Judges Award

The following dancers were asked to dance again for the Onstage Titles

Rylan, Adyn, Catey, Kaylee, Ryah, Autumn, Izzy, Rachel, Kare, Aubrey, Jules, Avery, Maddie Brown, Maura Jump

Lauren Miller National Scholarship Winner

Team Storm [Nat'l Team Invitation]

Maura, Kare, Maddie, Brooke, Avery, AJ, Rylan, Aubrey, Adyn, Jules, AJ, Adyn, Catey, Kaylee, Lauren, Abby, Ella, Ryah, Izzy, Autumn, Rachel

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