Why should you choose DEBE as your children's dance school?

1. A dance school is only as good as its instructors!!

Certain classes require different personalities and teaching strategies. While professional performance experience with reputable companies are a guarantee of technical ability, we make sure our instructors have equal experience on stage, in the classroom and behind the scenes. A teacher’s passion for children and the art of dance is what makes them truly special. At DEBE, we hire professional, caring and experienced instructors that have a vast knowledge in their field. We have teaching assistants for full classes to keep the student to teacher ratio down. We do not allow students to teach other students. We pride ourselves on the high quality training all of our dancers receive.

2. We offer programs for every student!

Our Recreational classes come with the least commitment, our Performance Companies are for the dancer that would like to become more involved and our Elite Team is for the most dedicated dance students with a primary focus on technique with a pre-professional type of curriculum. All of our programs are educational and fun! The program you decide on participating in is your family’s decision. You know what is best for you and your child! We offer combo classes for our Preschool-aged students, Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Tumbling, Musical Theater and Hip Hop to our dancers 6 and older, plus Lyrical for dancers 9 and older. We are a full service dance studio that can meet all of your dance study needs! Every class is important to us.

3. We have a clean and safe dance school!

Our equipment is top-notch and in prime condition. All of our studios have a raised and professionally sprung floor system. Check to make sure your dancer is not currently dancing on concrete floors. We have water available in the kitchen, along with a refrigerator, sink and microwave. The amount of space and amenities inside of our building is always a surprise to our guests!

4. We guarantee your DEBE experience will be a positive one.

All of our classes are conducted in an orderly manner. All of our instructors follow a separate standard curriculum and weekly goals are set for each class. We are constantly celebrating individual and group accomplishments. We offer a peaceful, family-like atmosphere where everyone can feel at ease. We have a very positive DEBE community where everyone is always lending a helping hand & going out of their way to make other dancers feel special. We are very blessed to have such a loving dance family.

5. Communicating with us is easy!

We have all of our information on our website and posted at the school. Emails are sent out weekly or monthly for reminders and important dates. If you have any questions, we respond within 24 hours via phone or email. Our studio manager is always available during studio hours.

6. Classes are separated by age...

so all of our students can be with their friends. However, we always teach to the most skilled dancer in the class. This keeps every class challenging, exciting and MORE FUN!

7. Parents can observe classes.

Every child is different! Some want their parent or caregiver in their sight, some learn better without any distraction. At DEBE, you can observe your dancer on closed circuit screens in the waiting areas or have a seat in our viewing areas! You will be amazed at their growth week to week. We encourage parents to be involved in their child’s dance education!

8. Dancing is great exercise, but it is so much more than that!

We believe every child has the ability to accomplish anything they set their mind and heart towards, and it is our mission to guide and support them in whatever tasks they wish to tackle. We encourage all of our students to set dance and skill goals, and we do everything in our power to help them reach those goals. Dance makes people of all ages more aware of themselves, their bodies, their space and their feelings. They learn to discipline both mind and body. They learn life skills that will lead to successful futures.

9. The DEBE dancers perform in an annual showcase!

We include all of the DEBE dancers, as we feel it is a great accomplishment for any young person to commit to a 10 month program and learn and grow weekly as a dancer. Their success should be celebrated through putting on the best show of the year for all of our friends and family. (The only classes that do not participate in the annual showcase are the Tumbling classes.) Our age-appropriate, versatile routines are choreographed with every dancer’s strengths and best interest in mind. Our showcases are quite spectacular and get better with every season. Every child gets the opportunity to feel like the star they are!

10. We promote self confidence!

DEBE promotes self confidence in every single dancer that walks through our doors. Every challenge, correction, lesson and piece of advice is given to our students from our hearts to motivate and inspire them. Dance class helps children recognize their strengths and work towards improving upon their weaknesses. These are crucial years in a young persons life. We truly care and want to make a difference in every child’s life.