Learn and Grow with our Preschool Dance Program

Baby Ballet class is for any new or current dancer ages 2.5-5. We have created a program that is educational, at a learning pace preschool-aged children can enjoy. Miss Katie is always excited to share all of her knowledge with these young dancers. A great dance education for preschoolers balances structured dance curriculum with fun, engaging activities. Have your child experience what makes our classes great including a nurturing teacher and a program that brings out each dancer’s strengths. The Baby Ballet class is a magical introduction to dance for the 2.5-5 year old child. A fun filled half-hour class that engages the child in age appropriate activities incorporating drama, music, props, educational coloring pages along with the excitement of basic dance steps, creative movement, and vocabulary.

Class Information

  • • Class is structured into 30 minutes.
  • • Dancers will begin learning their routine in December.
  • • Baby Ballet dancers must participate in the June Showcase.
  • • They must purchase a costume for their June performance.
  • • Ballet shoes are required and can be ordered at the front desk during registration.

Is my child ready?

  • • Your dancer must have had their 2nd birthday by September 11th.
  • • Your dancer must gladly separate from their caregiver and follow the loose structure of the class.
  • • If your child is not ready to separate they will thrive in our “Debut Dancers” Program.
  • If your child is not ready to commit to the June Showcase, they may register for our “Debut Dancers” Program.
  • • A student may join at any time from September through January if there is space available.