Dress Code

Dance Expressions Boutique

  • We can help you with your dancewear items needed for class. We are a Revolution Dancewear authorized retailer and we carry high quality shoes, tights, leotards, and other dancewear items.
  • We guarantee proper fitting of new shoes and tights.
  • We place orders for shoes, tights and dance wear monthly throughout the season.
  • Make sure to place your order for shoes at registration to have your correct shoes in a timely fashion.

Dress Code Details

  • HAIR: Long hair must be tied back in a pony tail for all classes and in a bun for ballet.  Great news for students of DEBE, we always have hair elastics available in our office and in each studio if you forget yours!
  • NO JEWELRY, COSTUMES or PLAY CLOTHES: Remember loose or dangling jewelry, clothing and costumes are a safety hazard, a distraction to other dancers and are not allowed. Jeans, jean shorts, play clothes, or school clothes are not suitable dance attire.
  • All Dance Expressions by Erica students must wear dance attire only; i.e. leotards, dance shorts/tops
  • TIGHTS are not required in classes, but will be required for Showcase performances.
  • All Revolution brand shoes should be purchased from the boutique to ensure the proper fit and correct shoe style/color.


    Debut Dancers: Bare feet or Ballet slippers

    Baby Ballet: Revolution brand Ballet slippers

    Tiny Tots: Revolution brand Ballet slippers and tap shoes

    Hot Shots: Revolution Ballet slippers and tap shoes

    Ballet [Dolls, Divas, Dynamites]: Revolution Pink canvas Ballet slippers

    Tap [Dolls, Divas, Dynamites]: Revolution Black Tap shoes

    Jazz [Dolls, Divas, Dynamites]: Revolution Tan Jazz boot

    Hip Hop [Dolls, Divas, Dynamites]: Any clean sneakers to class – TBD with costume for performance

    Lyrical [Divas & Dynamites]: Revolution Sole Shield

    Musical Theater [Youth & Teen]: Revolution Tan Jazz boot

    Tumbling [Tiny Tumblers, Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced]: bare feet

    Performance Company: Tights and footwear TBD with costume

    Elite Company: Must have like-new pink canvas ballet shoes, black tie-up oxford tap shoes, clean sneakers and sole shields. Tights and footwear TBD with costumes.