Lets Tumble!

Tumbling is a form of gymnastics which is performed without the assistance of props. You may also hear it referred to as floor gymnastics. Tumbling requires physical strength, flexibility, control and stamina. These qualities are very beneficial to dancers. Our tumbling students progress at a rapid speed in this individualized class consisting of conditioning, stretching and spotting skills such as walkovers, handsprings, aerials, tucks and layouts until students have the capability to tumble all on their own.

Class Information

  • • Classes are structured into 60 minutes.
  • • Classes are separated by ability: Tiny Tumblers (learning backbends and cartwheels), Beginners (backbends, cartwheels, front limbers, walkovers), Intermediate (learning handsprings and aerials), Advanced (have handspring and/or side aerial).
  • • Learning new tumbling skills will be the focus the entire season.
  • • Students will not have a routine in the June showcase.
  • • The season runs from September until the beginning of June.