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Welcome to the Dance Expressions by Erica dance family!

There will be a $35 registration fee per dancer at the beginning of each season to hold your dancer's spot in his/her class.

Tuition is calculated over a 38 week period from September 11th through June 1st, including breaks. This means each group class is promised to receive 34 classes over the season. Make up days are also taken from Spring break or after the showcase if necessary.

You have two options to pay tuition. You may pay it in full by September 11th or pay 9 monthly installments due the first of each month Sept-May. 
(If Elite team dancers select monthly installments, there are 10 total.)
Tuition is non-refundable.

The tuition breakdown can be found on our website and in the offices. 
*Please check Elite Team Agreement for discounted pricing.

Dance Expressions operates 7 days per week. There are dance lessons from 5-9pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and 9am-2pm on Saturdays.
**Office hours are 5-8pm Monday through Thursday and 10am-2pm on Saturdays. Offices are closed on Fridays and Sundays.
*There are additional lessons on Fridays, Sundays and before and after regular weekly classes. This does not mean the office is open as well.

The showcase is mandatory for all DEBE dancers (except those enrolled in tiny tumblers or the acro/tumbliing classes only).

The showcase dates are currently May 30, 31 and June 1.

The performance fee to be in the Showcase is $100 (additional $25 each sibling). Each account will be charged the $100 performance fee on April 1st. The performance fee is due May 1st. With this performance fee, you receive digital access to all photos and videos of each Showcase, 4 showcase tickets (wristbands to enter your dancer's showcase), plus a showcase tshirt to be worn for the Finale and final bows. The performance fee also includes two finale practices that will be held in May. The wristband allows access to the dressing areas as well. Parents and those in and out of dressing rooms must have a wristband on their wrist. All guests must have a wristband on their wrist to enter the showcase. If you do not have a wristband, you will be asked to leave. This performance fee is due May 1st.
Performance fees are non-refundable. Additional tickets will be sold starting May 1st.


Each routine will have a $40 costume deposit. Costume deposits are due October 1st. The balance of each costume is due November 1st. Showcase costumes range in price from $70-$100, mostly depending on sizes. Parent/guardian must sign off on the dancer's costume size based on measurements. If costumes need to be exchanged for a different size, there is a $10 shipping/restocking fee from the costume company that will be charged to your account. Every dancer participating in the annual showcase must purchase their routine's costume.
Costume fees are non-refundable.

Our annual photo shoot will be held 1/22-1/27 at Main Street and 1/29-2/3 at Oak Street during normal class days and times. There is a $15 photo fee for each costume. This fee includes the sitting fee and group recognition in the annual yearbook. For groups, each dancer will get 2 headshots and 5 action shots. For duets/trios, each dancer will get 4 headshots and 10 action shots. For solos, each dancer will get 6 head shots and 20 action shots.
*Solos, duets and trios must place their own photos in the annual yearbook. 
The annual photo shoot is optional. You must opt out by December 1st.
Any fees paid for the photo shoot are non-refundable.

You must purchase the photos you would like to use in the yearbook.
[Yearbook prices: 1/4 page = $75, 1/2 page = $135, full page = $195]
We also accept businesses to sponsor your individual yearbook pages.
**We are outsourcing the yearbook project this season to a well-established company that produces yearbooks for nearly 10 other studios.

Private lessons are available upon request. Private lessons are $35 for 30 minutes. Semi private lessons are $20 for 30 minutes.
Private lessons are pay-as-you-go. 
**Guest instructors charge their own rate.

If your account is not paid in full at the end of each month, a 10% late fee will be applied. We allow a 5 day grace period for all account activity. If your account is over two installments unpaid or your account balance reaches over $400, your child will not be permitted into classes.

If a check is returned, a non-sufficient funds fee of $35 will be applied to your account. If this happens three times in one season, we will only accept cash or money order for the remainder of the season.

You may log into your account anytime by visiting

We accept cash or check made out to Dance Expressions by Erica. We ask that all extra fees, such as; costumes, competitions, etc., are on separate checks than tuition and private lessons, as these fees go into a separate account for outside vendors. 

Dance Expressions by Erica will accept credit cards. However, there is a  2.75% transaction fee added to each transaction. You may also pay with a credit card directly from our system.

The studio will be closed on the following dates:
9/4  ~  Labor Day
11/22-11/28  ~  Thanksgiving Break    
12/20-1/2  ~  Winter Break   
3/27-4/2  ~ Spring Break
5/27  ~ Memorial Day


We expect all DEBE dancers to be in their classes weekly. Tardiness is unacceptable. If your child is ill, we ask that they stay home. In the instance your child will not be in attendance, please call Dance Expressions and leave a message on the machine at (724) 864-5678 or email with the subject ABSENT-NAME.  If your child is absent several weeks throughout the season, their teacher may request a private lesson to get them caught up.

Please check your email, our Instagram, Facebook page, and/or our website in the case of cancelation due to inclement weather. Dance Expressions usually follows the decision of Norwin School District.

If there are cancelations throughout the season due to inclement weather, those classes will be made up over Spring Break or the week after the showcase. We also add a week to the season to help with days missed.

If your child is seriously injured (broken bone, ligament tears, or concussion), you may opt out of the remainder of the season or choose to continue and perform in the showcase. If you choose to opt-out, any tuition payments made until the time of injury will not be refunded. If you choose to continue, you must attend each class and tuition will remain the same.

Dress Code 
CHECK OUT OUR STORE FRONT: All shoes/tights/earrings are available at DEBE!
-No street clothes or jewelry- 
-Hair secured off face and neck-
-Clean dancewear and fresh look-
Debut Dancers - leotard, pink convertible tights, bare feet, or Revolution ballet slippers
Tippy Toes - leotard, pink convertible tights, bare feet, or Revolution ballet slippers
Hop N Roll - comfortable clothes and sneakers
Hip Hop N Bop - comfortable clothes and sneakers
Darlings - leotard, pink and tan convertible tights, Revolution ballet slippers, Revolution Mary Jane tap shoes
Dazzlers - leotard, pink and tan convertible tights, Revolution ballet slippers, Revolution Mary Jane tap shoes
Dolls, Divas, Dynamites Ballet - leotard, dance top/shorts, tights optional, Revolution Ballet slippers
Dolls, Divas, Dynamites Jazz - leotard, dance top/shorts, tights optional, Revolution Jazz boots
Dolls, Divas, Dynamites Tap - leotard, dance top/shorts, tights optional, Revolution Tap shoes
Dolls, Divas Dynamites Hip Hop - leotard, dance tops/shorts, tights optional, Clean sneakers
Dolls, Divas, Dynamites Contemporary - leotard, dance tops/shorts, tights optional, bare feet or sole shields
Dudes - activewear, Revolution Black jazz shoes and/or tap shoes or clean sneakers
Tumbling - leotard, dance top/shorts, tights optional, bare feet
Competition Team - leotard, dance top/shorts, tights optional, Revolution pink canvas ballet shoes, any pointe shoes, Revolution sole shield, black tie-up tap shoes, clean sneakers

The schedule and faculty are subject to change.

All studio news and announcements will be sent via email.

Please request to become a part of our private group on Facebook - DEBE Dance Family for additional info!

There is a $50 studio withdrawal fee if you choose to not complete the season. There is no fee to withdraw from the studio before November 1st.

There is 2-hour parking available on Main Street, a parking lot behind Colonial Grille, a parking lot on the corner by S & T Bank, and a parking lot across from Belak. You must enter and exit through the front door. There is a fire exit in the basement studio. 

Any new visitors entering Dance Expressions by Erica must be introduced to instructors, front office staff or an email must be sent to to make Dance Expressions by Erica aware that a visitor will be present on a certain day. A visitor is not considered a current student, their parent or known guardian.


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