2020 Showcase


Date: Saturday June 6th
Times: 12:30pm and 3:00pm
Location: Norwin High School Auditorium





Due April 1st

  • 4 Showcase Tickets

  • Showcase Finale Practices

  • Showcase Shirt

  • Digital Media

  • Sibling Performance Package = $25

Includes: showcase shirt, finale practices and digital media

Children under 3 are free

Rehearsal Line Up

Showcase I Line Up

Showcase II Line Up


Showcase Handy Book

We’ve created this handbook in an effort to clarify what is required in terms of commitments and responsibility in order to make the Spring Recital a great experience for students, teachers, parents, tech crew, and audience members alike.

Recital Tips

  • Use full stage make: foundation, blush, bronzer, brown eye shadows, black eyeliner, black mascara (or better yet false eyelashes), bright lipstick. It may seem like too much, but once they get on stage – you will understand!

  • Use cheap hairspray or gel to keep the flyaways down. You can use double elastics for thicker hair to keep it from falling out. There are plenty of hair tutorials on youtube.

  • For a better bun, use a hairnet. They also sell bun makers just about everywhere now.

  • The more pins the better. Supply yourself with bobby pins and hair pins. You will need both!

  • Dancers do not wear underwear under their tights. They really do show through and can be seen under costumes.

  • Moleskin can be bought at the fabric store and can be used on itchy places.

  • Mr. Clean fabric erasers clean up shoes nicely.

  • Tutus should be hung upside down when stored. Use a steamer to press costumes.

  • Label all of your items on the inside.

  • Plan to be at stage rehearsal quite a while.

  • Finale t-shirts will be passed out at rehearsal. We ask that parents are there for this process. Dancers are permitted to cut and tie shirts, rhinestone and create their own masterpiece for the showcase. 

  • Yearbooks will be passed out at stage rehearsal.

  • Be sure to take lots of pictures and video at stage rehearsal, because you will not be able to at the showcase. Photo and video are prohibited. 

  • A concession stand is run by the team parents at the stage rehearsal and showcases.

  • For showcase day, find a dress or big shirt or robe to wear to not mess up hair and that can be worn into auditorium. Costumes won’t be allowed in the auditorium.

  • Make sure you pack up all your things the night before. Come prepared with make up, brush/comb, hair ties, hairspray, gel, hair pins, safety pins, make up wipes, medications, all costumes, accessories, shoes and tights.

  • Don’t wear any extra jewelry. No press on tattoos, nail polish, body piercings. No exposed tattoos.

  • Pack snacks and drinks that won't discolor face and teeth. 

  • Use ziplock bags for accessories and smaller items, garment bags to hold costumes, clothing racks to hold garment bags.

  • Some additional items to pack for the showcase: Q-tips, tissues, baby wipes, baby powder, clear nail polish, showcase schedule, bandaids, extra contact lenses and solution, a blanket to sit instead of the cold floor.

  • Stay with your dance group. Don't forget to sign in and out. Make sure the teacher knows you are there! Let a teacher know when you are taking your child out of the backstage area.

  • Don’t leave or enter the auditorium while a dance is performing. That is considered an insult in the theater world.

  • Stay for the whole show. Even though your family members may want to leave, you should really stay to support the rest of your dance family. Your little dancer will be one of the big girls sooner than you know it.

  • Families are known to bring their dancer flowers at the end of the show. Debut Dancers and Baby Ballerinas will be presented with items directly following their performance.

  • Enjoy these precious moments. They fly by.

           And it really is so much fun watching your baby on stage, no matter how old they get!

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