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September Newsletter


I am beyond thrilled to welcome you all to our 11th season! The faculty and I have been working diligently on an exceptional, detailed curriculum to share with our members. We can't wait to see our DEBE diehards and get to know all of our new students. The faculty and staff are ready to bring every dancer all of the training, fun and excitement we have planned.

The season begins September 9th and we are all eager to get started. Please be patient during the first couple weeks as everyone gets settled in. There may be some adjustments made to ensure a smooth sailing season ahead. You will be amazed to see how fast the kids adapt and learn new things. I love watching them learn the art of dance! The arts have so many benefits for kids of all ages. Studies showing that children who participate in the arts have better academic outcomes, higher career goals and more civic engagement. Now that's More Than Just Great Dancing! Parents, we thank you for being part of our studio family and we are looking forward to a great year. I want to do all I can to make your DEBE Experience something that makes every child feel special while learning, growing and accomplishing goals. One of my favorite parts of running this program is receiving weekly messages from members and their parents sharing how they are happy and at home here! That's when I know we are doing our job as leaders and creating a better future for the industry we love and the families we serve.

We are delighted to announce that our 2020 Showcase theme is

"The Roaring Twenties".

SAVE THE DATE - Our Show Day is Saturday June 6th!


Going into our 11th season of dance classes, we are leaning into our strengths as a team with the theme "Stronger Together". The focus of this year is to bring our faculty and staff, parents and students together to share in the joy of a dance community. We will be working together as we dive into our Character Counts initiative and do all we can to make each and every member feel like they BELONG! Our faculty is ready to encourage each student to reach personal goals while accepting the importance of unity and creating a cohesive group of young people working together towards successes of all sizes. Get ready for a season that stands out in a positive way! As a growing family, we are prepared for a new future together - one built on traditions and innovation. We are eager to learn new things about each other and grow together as the dance family we have always been and will continue to be!

Who wants to put on their b-b-b-b-boogie shoes?

At DEBE, we provide all of your shoe needs. You can stop by Tuesday 9/3, Wednesday 9/4 or Thursday 9/5 between 5-8pm to get measured. We will order immediately! Shoes have a 1-2 week turn around. If you ordered prior to this upcoming week, your shoes will be in at your first week of classes. You may wear any shoes that fit for the first couple months. Everyone will need Revolution Brand shoes for our photo shoot.

*Please be sure your dancer is in dance clothing. No baggy street clothes, jeans, jewelry, long nails, please. Hair pulled back off neck and face into a ponytail or bun.

Studio Communications

At DEBE, we go to great lengths to keep you informed and up to date. This is your first monthly E-newsletter of the dance season. Please be sure to read your monthly E-newsletters as they contain important reminders and updates throughout the season on classes, special programs, recital, and more!

In addition to our monthly E-newsletters and other email communications, DEBE also posts reminders on our Facebook page and on the calendar in our front lobby. Please double check your account to make sure we have the correct email address on file.

Absence Reporting

If your dancer will be absent from a class, our teachers and administrative staff greatly appreciate you notifying our team via email. If your child is absent two weeks in a row without notice, we will assume they dropped out of class and they will be removed.

Drop off and Pick Up

We completely understand that students may need dropped off and picked up due to busy schedules. We do not expect parents to stay inside the studio the entire time their child is in classes, unless the student is under 6 years old. During pick up, students must stand inside the building to wait for their ride and we ask that parents pick up on time.

If it's yours, clean it up!

As we are very understanding when it comes to drop off/pick up, we do ask that you please make sure your child is responsible enough to clean up after themselves if you do decide to leave the facility. We want to keep everything as clean as possible. All food and drinks must be kept in the kitchen area. There is to be absolutely no food in the back lobby or any carpeted areas. Water only in the studio. Anything other than water must be kept in the kitchen area. There is a $50 fine for any spills or messes left in a carpeted area.

We would like to congratulate our 2019 graduates on a great start into their Freshman year of College. Kennedy is at The University of Alabama, AJ is at Slippery Rock and Bella is at Penn State. They are all doing wonderful as expected. We all miss them very much, but I am so proud of these 3 young ladies for following their dreams and setting new goals. Come back and visit soon!



Dancers may bring a buddy to their dance class for a free trial the second week of dance!

**If your buddy enrolls in the class and stays for two full months, your family receives a $20 credit!

Please be sure to share your stories with us throughout the season. We love when we get new photos delivered to our email to share on social media.

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